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To meet our customers' expectations, REGELTEX has chosen a range of accessories that are directly complementary to the good use or storage of electrician gloves.

Leather overgloves

Overgloves must be worn over insulating gloves to protect against mechanical risks and, when necessary, against electric arc risks.
These leather cowhide gloves with webbed thumbs have a 10 cm cuff in cow split with a tightening velcro strap on the back of the hand.
The cowhide leather is treated with silicone to increase its waterproof characteristics.

Reference Sizes Mechanical resistances length type of leather packing*
RGX SG A 8 EN-388
abrasion 2
blade cut 1
tear 2
puncture 2
300 mm Waterproofed
& cuff in
RGX SG B 9 310 mm 10
RGX SG C 10 320 mm 10
RGX SG D 11 330 mm 10
RGX SG E 12 340 mm 10

*with technical leaflet

One range adapted to any classes :
Because of various thicknesses of the insulating gloves, REGELTEX has developed a range of leather protectors involving 5 sizes, designated by letter. The table below defines the equivalence between the leather protectors and the insulating gloves in taking in consideration the class and the size.

Insulating gloves Classes 00, 0 and 1 Leather overgloves reference to user
Insulating gloves Classes 2, 3 and 4
Size 8 RGX SG A -
Size 9 RGX SG B Size 8
Size 10 RGX SG C Size 9
Size 11 RGX SG D Size 10
- RGX SG E Size 11

Les surgants cuir

Pneumatic tester

Before using insulating gloves for live working, the EN 60903 and IEC 60903 standards recommend a visual inspection by inflating the gloves with air to detect any possible leakages.

The pneumatic tester is a pump system optimising inflation and thus visual inspection, especially at the cuff level.

NB : in view of the thickness of the gloves class 1, 2, 3 and 4, inflation by the tester is not appropriate. For these gloves, inspection of the inside and outside surfaces must be done. An electric test every six months is strongly recommended.

Reference: RGX VP

Le vérificateur pneumatique

La sacoche de transport

Transport bag

This accessory is made from waterproof PVC canvas, with a reinforced edge, equipped with a clasp and loop so that it can be fixed to a belt.

The bag is ideal for carrying gloves during work on site.

dimensions : 160x39x50 (in mm)

Reference: RGX SAC

Storage box

For better maintenance, it is essential that the gloves are stored flat, away fram light, and unfolded. This injected plastic box, with its closing system using clips and equipped with a handle to make it easier to carry thus optimises the storage conditions, particularly in vehicles used on site.

ln view of its dimensions (170x470x50 mm), this box is suitable for gloves of classes 00 and O.

Reference: RGX CP

For the other classes, metal wall boxes are available on request.

Reference: RGX CM

Le coffret de rangement

Le flacon de talc

Talc bottle

100 ml bottle of Luzenac 2 talc. Talc makes the insulating gloves more comfortable to wear by limiting the effects of sweating.

Reference: RGX FT

Inner mittens

Wearing these inner gloves also limits the effects of sweating : their mitten form means that maximum dexterity can be maintained.

Reference : RGX MC

Les sous-gants mitaines

Specialist in insulating gloves for electrical work !